About Me

Who am i?

Hi my name is Angeline, but most people refer to me as Ang. I am a former IFBB Pro Bikini athlete, having retired in 2017. With over six years of experience coaching bikini, I have helped my clients secure 59 IFBB PRO titles and 280 overall wins.

I have since embarked on a new venture – Jewelry by A – to offer a diverse range of jewelry and backstage accessories. As the founder and designer of the brand, I personally select and create each model to elevate your show day look. My aim is to provide top-quality pieces that complement your style and enhance your overall appearance on stage.

My Speciality


My expertise lies in crafting winning looks that encompass all the essential elements – suits, makeup, hair, posing, personality, and jewelry. However, I noticed a lack of suitable jewelry options for my athletes in the market. Hence, I took matters into my own hands and started Jewelry by A, offering over 200 models to elevate everyone’s stage presence.

My primary objective is to instill confidence and empower my customers to feel their absolute best on stage. I believe that the right jewelry can make a significant difference in enhancing one’s appearance, ultimately contributing to their success. At Jewelry by A, my goal is to provide a range of options that cater to different preferences, while ensuring quality and style.

Feel free to contact me for any help. Jewelry by A is by ME and only ME

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