About Me

Who am i?

Hi my name is Angeline, but everyone call me Ang. I am an IFBB Pro bikini and I retired in 2017. I retired to be able to be more available for my athletes. I join Team Atlas coaching in 2018 as the head Posing coach and since then we made 35 IFBB pro and 232 bikini overall wins.

My Speciality


My speciality is to create winning look. When we talk about look : suit, make-up, hair, posing, personality and JEWELRY. I started Jewelry by A because I was not able to find any company that was able to supply my athletes . Jewelry by A is over 200 models to enhance everyone look. My goal is to make my costumer feel confident and powerful on stage.

Feel free to contact me for any help. Jewelry by A is by ME and only ME

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